A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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into cruel, insatiable passion, and even his highest aspirations give place to a thirst for bloody vengeance, as when the Sun-God became the slayer rather than the preserver of man. Pharaoh's hungry, unappeasable passions get the upper hand and carry all before them. The work of Set (the lean kine) destroys that of Osiris (the fat kine) ; but no good comes of it, for he is still hungry and unappeased, not prosperous or happy, or well spoken of.
There is, perhaps, a special significance in Pharaoh's identification of himself with the female cow-god rather than with the male bull-god, ' the Bull of his mother who begets all \
Pharaoh readily accepts the interpretation of the handsome young Jew, and makes it a reason for heaping favours upon him. It is suggested that the dream might be that of a man who is weary of well-doing, tired of being smug and prosperous and respectable, and who felt in himself the longing to satisfy evil passions, discreditable and dangerous desires. He will give them their heads. The ' manifest content' of the dream was intimately associated with Pharaoh's daily life, which is merely the usual ' mask ' for the deeper unconscious ' wish ', the ' latent content', of the dream.
Such, then, is a modern interpretation of the dream an interesting contrast with Joseph's prophetic one.
What is of chief importance is the use to which the dreamer puts the dream-symbols and the emotion which he attaches to the various pictures used in the dream.
Not every dream can be readily interpreted. Sometimes symbols are themselves distortions and long study is required to make their meaning clear. In the analysis of the dream, attention is focussed on the association of ideas, because that is the form in which the patient can follow his emotional life. The words and symbols act as