A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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Jung coined the term ' complex \ His experiments showed that a series of memories or ideas, attended by intense emotion, formed an ' emotional complex \ Although the method of word-association was not suitable as a complete method for treatment, it furnished, nevertheless, an important pillar in the development of the analytic technique.
Jung's investigation in mythology and religionI26 is of great interest. He found that much of the symbolism of pagan mythology and modern religion is not only an open expression of sexual taboos, but also symbolic expression of the individual's yearning for a wider and fuller life.122 For example, incest was prohibited at the dawn of the history of the human race. The taboo which was set up against it transformed the idea of incest into the idea of spiritual rebirth. Numerous pagan myths embody the desire for return to the mother. The rituals in connection with the fertility of the earth, with a female sexual symbol, were common, and to this day the ' spring festival ' of peasant countries and the Maypole dance reflect this feeling. Sexuality was glorified in pre-Christian times and phallic worship was common. When the free sexuality of the pagans was replaced by the morality of the Judaeo-Christian era, these sexual symbolizations were transformed. Instead of myths significant of the return to the mother's womb, there were myths relating to rebirth in a spiritual manner.
Modern religion, using these myths, revised their meaning. Christ combated such ancient legends by saying, ' Ye must be reborn of the Spirit' ; this being a denial of the physical and the sexual. This rebirth of the Spirit, which Jung called an ' asexual refuge ', satisfied the yearning which lies deep in the soul of mankind, for a return to a place of eternal rest and