A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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archaic strata of the mind. The evil demons of myths or fairy stories point to this racial archetype of terror, according to Jung. The father-image and mother-image which we carry in the unconscious mind are representatives of the ancient tribal figures of the ' wise old man ' and the ' wise old woman \ The archetype of the racial mother is of greater importance to Jung than is the father-image to Freud. The mother is immediate and deep in the consciousness of humans. The first instincts of the child and the last thoughts of man are towards the mother.
Deep in the collective racial unconscious, said Jung, beyond the father and mother image, comes a figure which is a coalescence of these two ancient figures. It may be the Sun-God, the frightful Father of the Mountain, the spirit of the totem pole, Lilith, the mother of the world, the just and vengeful Jehovah of the Jewish and Christian world, the Great Spirit of the American Indians, or the Wotan of the Norsemen, that stands behind all life. These eternal racial figures are for Jung the final repository of our unconscious life.
Utilizing these concepts in the analysis, the individual patient is made to see that the acts of his life, his neurotic symptoms, are motivated by reaction to these ancient archetypes. Dream interpretation, in the Jungian system, goes back to these sources for an understanding of the deeper emotional life. The following case illustrates the point:
A 27-year-old officer complained of severe pains in the region of the heart and a choking sensation in the throat. He also had acute pains in the left heel which made it difficult for him to walk. These symptoms appeared after he had been jilted by a girl with whom he was infatuated. He tried to dismiss the whole thing, but his disappointment and grief were evidenced by the