A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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choking sensation in the throat. The heart pains were indeed those of a ' heartache', and this wound to his pride manifested itself as a neurotic symptom. With treatment these symptoms disappeared, but the pain in the heel persisted. After some time the patient had a dream in which he was bitten in the heel by a snake and instantly paralysed. Further history showed he had been the ' darling ' of an emotional mother. To counteract his mother's ' spoiling ', he had joined the army, where he was able to overcome this weakness by the manliness of the uniform and army life. In the patient's mind, his mother had lamed him just as the snake had. She encouraged feminine traits in him. Her ' mothering ' made his struggle against feminine tendencies already present in his make-up too difficult. The paralysis caused by the serpent in the dream was equivalent to the paralysis of his development as a man for which he blamed his mother. Jung recalled that in Egyptian mythology and the Bible many legends reflect the idea that a snake-bite represents a demasculinization. Women and the serpent have been in league against man ever since the alliance between Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden. In the young officer's dream the serpent, an ally of Mother Eve, stood for the tendencies that threatened to smother him.
In the Jungian analysis, using the life experience of the patient in terms of these concepts, the analytical psychologist shows how anxieties, phobias, obsessions, etc., are but the effects of misdirected unconscious energy. To understand more of his method of treatment, we have also to remind ourselves of what Jung calls the persona, which we have discussed in a previous chapter.
Jungian school aims at leading the patient to discuss the particular archetypes which are in his unconscious, and then directing his life along the path of his type.