A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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Dreams include something of the past as well as the future. When real persons appear in the dream, and when the origin of the dream can be found in the past, its origin is in the personal unconscious since it has to do with his own experience. Often, however, the symbols are not real, but are archetypes or primordial images from the collective unconscious. The whole dream, according to Jung, is then the dreamer ; each part of the dream represents an aspect or a tendency in him who dreams. Consequently the dream may not only be retrospective ; it may also be prophetic of the future. It is this property which makes it of such great importance, even to the normal individual, for it indicates the way which leads to the full realization of the dreamer's life, a way which cannot be followed unless the unconscious trends are realized.
In psychological treatment Jung therefore draws largely on the results of dream analysis, not only to give the clue to the origin of the illness, but also to indicate the goals towards which the patient's psychological tendencies are striving. It is the function of the physician to assist his patient to reorganize his life along sound and healthy lines.
Jung remarks astutely that to analyse a patient in his 20's and 3o's in terms of the sex drive of the Freudians or the ego drive of the Adlerians is within the scope of their life activity ; such an orientation does not fit in with the life and accomplishment of a patient in later life. Such people, settled in the economic world, have made a sexual adjustment satisfactory or otherwise. What they require is a philosophy of life, an opportunity to direct in a constructive way the energies released through analysis, so that they may obtain satisfaction in spiritual values.
Stekel believes that a dream can be found to have