A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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Synopsis of Chapter IX
Successive hypnotic discoveries, followed by scientific research in America and at Oxford, have suggested that hypnosis should not be confused with sleep. There is close relationship between the hypnotic state and the mediumistic trance. While effects of hypnotic suggestion reveal similarities with some religious phenomena.
Among methods of outstanding hypnotists there is frequent reference to passes with the hands, an act which indicates resemblance with the l laying on of hands \
Under the appropriate conditions hypnosis can be induced in the majority of cases. Any suggestion repugnant to the subjects moral nature is refused by him.
The application of hypnosis for the recovery of * lost memories \ for anaesthetic purposes as well as in some psychical and physical cases has proved effective.
Theories of hypnosis, along pathological, physiological and psychological lines have been propounded, but for treatment the value of faith led up to by suggestion {whether hetero- or auto-) is undoubtedly supreme.