A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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ix                 SCIENTIFIC HYPNOSIS AND THE OCCULT              349
vision, so that the eyes have to turn upwards and slightly inwards to fixate it. Then he proceeds to give him the suggestions, first of all repeating rapidly and in a low tone, and many times over, the words ' you are going to sleep you are going to sleep you are going to sleep ', generally making passes with his hand. Presently the phrase may be varied, l you cannot open your eyes ', and this again is repeated many times. He may hold up the arm of the subject, lightly stroke it and say, ' As I stroke it, it is getting stiff; you cannot drop it, you cannot bend it \ This again is repeated. Sometimes he enforces his suggestion by laying his right hand on the subjects forehead. He then proceeds to give him therapeutic suggestions, telling him that immediately on going to bed that night he will go to sleep, sleep all night long, and wake up next morning refreshed and at the maximum of his powers. Certain calming assurances are given. Finally, he may say, ' After I have counted four, you will open your eyes and be wide awake, remembering all that I have said to you ', and the subject returns to full volition.
Many hypnotists lay a hand on the patient's forehead and say something like : ' You notice how things are beginning to swim before you. Your eyes are beginning to smart, you can hardly keep them open, you see as through a clouded glass, no longer clearly. Your eyelids are getting heavier.' There are some hypnotists who say : ' So, now I lay my hand a little more firmly on your forehead, your breath is passing in and out quite uniformly. And now your eyes are growing moist. The lids are drawn together as with elastic. Already the opening between them has grown narrower. It is narrowing and narrowing/
In some of these methods it will be noticed that negative suggestions are given ; but it is becoming