A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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of people for being hypnotized is not merely a matter of their suggestibility but also depends upon the extent of their dissociation, and these are not the same. Sometimes suggestibility is actually decreased by extreme dissociation, even to the extent that such patients are not susceptible to suggestion at all. At the same time Dr. Brown criticizes McDougall on the ground that his theory is too limited, and cannot be dependent upon the instinct of self-assertion being held in abeyance, because the operation of any instinct, however powerful, profound and independent of other instincts, will increase suggestibility and produce suggestion effects. He also maintains that he has an adequate theory apart from those of Freud and McDougall. When the response of the patient is analysed it seems to depend upon a congruence of the unconscious of the hypnotist and that of the hypnotized ' deep calling unto deep \ The instinct of self-assertion may play a prominent part in bringing about a realization or actualization of the suggestion, and it is of the utmost importance in suggestion effects.
Will this unconscious relationship between the hypnotist and the subject throw some light on the phenomena of telepathy, which is not necessarily a contact between conscious minds ?
So far as treatment is concerned, however, the value of faith is of the highest. The complete fulfilment which depends upon faith may be led up to by suggestion treatment of different kinds, but it goes, of course, beyond suggestion treatment.