A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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Synopsis of Chapter X
Ultimately suggestion is a highly important mode of communicating ideas in such a manner that they are accepted quite apart from any adequate grounds. Experiments have been carried out to test the suggestibility of patients.
The New Nancy School has pointed out two types of autosuggestion, spontaneous and reflective, and various states of mind, e.g. contention, where both the power of attention and relaxation are vital. Indeed the latter is all-important for therapy. Jacobson's work on Progressive Relaxation is important notwithstanding his unjustifiable denial of any element of suggestion in his method.
A verbal formula plays an important part in reflective autosuggestion, which is differently valued and has a connection with prayer in its subjective aspect, though the latter is impotent without faith.
The nature and conditions of prayer are shown by fesus, and its outstanding feature is belief in divine will. A psychological approach to such an experience of belief finds its roots go deep into the organic and biological part of man. Its bearing on religion is striking. Faith, i the master key to mental healing', is the ideal of our spiritual attitude.