A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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functions. One of the characteristics of this half-waking condition is what Baudouin calls the outcropping of the subconscious, when the mind ceases to be occupied with the voluntary activity of thinking in words, and becomes occupied with vague images which are surface effects of the repressed contents of the unconscious. A similar condition is found in reverie and day-dreaming. It is found that those to whom this state of outcropping is most normal are those to whom autosuggestion is easiest, such as artists, women and children. The first step which Baudouin suggests in the practice of autosuggestion is an education of the outcropping by practice in the production of these states. This is done by keeping the body motionless and the muscles relaxed, while resting in a comfortable armchair, under conditions as free as possible from such external distractions as noise. The eyes should be closed and the mind allowed to occupy itself with the vague images which float past it. Baudouin speaks of the state of outcropping produced by such a relaxation as le re-cueillement (receptive state).
He calls the next state la contention. It is sometimes found to be the condition of the mind on waking after sleep ; directed thinking is at a minimum, and at the same time the mind is exclusively occupied with one single idea. This is the condition in which the idea occupying the mind will realize itself as an autosuggestion. In order to be successful in the attainment of the state of contenttony it is necessary to cultivate both the power of attention and of relaxation. It is suggested that the former should be cultivated by such exercises as learning by heart, and the latter by the practice of le recueillement.
Reflective autosuggestion can undo the evil work of noxious spontaneous autosuggestions the illnesses