A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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ever \ If this happens, the spontaneous autosuggestion of remaining awake will tend to realize itself and thus defeat the reflective autosuggestion of falling asleep.
It is not recommended that particular suggestions for the removal of specific troubles should be frequently-repeated. After a trouble has been made the subject of a particular suggestion, it is claimed that it is sufficient to repeat about twenty times every night and morning the general formula, ' Tous les jours, a tous points de vue> je vais de mieux en mieux \ This can be rendered into English most satisfactorily, if it possesses a rudimentary rhythm, in order to exert a lulling effect on the mind and so to aid in calling up the unconscious. The following is a suggested version :
Hour by hour, and day by day, I improve in ev'ry way.
The writer has found it useful to make a more active use of this by requiring the patient to note down on a chart at several set periods in the day the improvements in thought, feeling and action. On reading this at night there is the effect of a cumulative suggestion.
If one wishes to make an autosuggestion at some other time of the day, this may be done by an artificial production of the state of la contention. Out-cropping is first produced by the practice of le recueillement as already described, and the mind is then permeated with the desired idea by the repetition of a formula as before.
Relaxation is not, however, the only method of producing the state of outcropping. If the attention is kept fixed for some time on one subject, it relaxes itself spontaneously through loss of interest and probably fatigue. When it relaxes itself in this way, a state of outcropping is produced similar to that in le recueille-ment or reverie. This is the condition which Baudouin