A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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x                SUGGESTION AND THE FACTOR OF FAITH            381
' There is nothing in connection with progressive relaxation to correspond with post-hypnotic suggestion \
It is obvious that while Jacobson's distinction is hardly justifiable, his technique is a great aid to the understanding of Baudouin's state of relaxation.
The state of contention is found to be described both in the literature of Christian prayer, under the name of the Prayer of Simplicity, and in Yoga practice, under the name of Dharana, The Prayer of Simplicity normally was produced involuntarily as an effect of prolonged discoursive meditation, but voluntary efforts to attain the Prayer of Simplicity by the suppression of the images found in the condition of recueillement were made by the Quietists. The Yogis attained Dharana by the preliminary practice of Pratyahara. This was the condition of outcropping produced in le recueillement from which its normal content of images was progressively banished, apparently (as in Quietism) by voluntary effort.
Autosuggestion is connected with a particular aspect of prayer its subjective effect on the person praying. Prayer is certainly always in its first intention objective. In ordinary speech we would refuse to use the word ' prayer ' of any vocal activity undertaken primarily for its good effects on the mind and character of the person using it. Essentially it is directed towards a superhuman Being, for the purpose of coming into communion with or otherwise affecting Him. Its subjective effects, although they may be important, are generally only incidental from the point of view of the person praying. It is these subjective effects, however, which come within the province of a psychological study; and, from this point of view, prayer is clearly of the nature of reflective autosuggestion undertaken with the intention of bringing about changes in character. Even