A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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x                SUGGESTION AND THE FACTOR OF FAITH            385
Time will be required for the outward manifestation of the realization. The time element depends on the nature of the thing prayed for, and on our personal ability to react. ' God helps those who help themselves ', is a true saying ; but it is the whole personality which should be acting and co-operating with God to achieve the ideal that is visualized. It is in this attitude of complete self-giving that prayer should be undertaken. The necessary condition of prayer is, of course, that the suppliant should be entitled to receive that which he asks ; and this should not be difficult to know. The person who takes his devotions seriously is a willing co-operator in the dimly comprehended but none the less perfect work of Providence, and he therefore has a right, and one which is not alienated by his own sins or imperfections so long as these do not make his activities in this direction impossible, to everything which can be of assistance to him in the fulfilment of this co-operation. It may seem superficially as if the devotee must pay a price, or make some sacrifice, in order to achieve his end, but it must be remembered that this price or sacrifice which seems to be demanded cannot be one which will make the pursuit of his vocation impossible. Therefore he can pray with confidence for all he needs. In prayer the object desired should be clearly visualized. When it is for the sick, for instance, it is not the disease which should be held in the forefront of consciousness, but radiant health. Then the preparation has been made for the next stage, which is the seeking. Again, if it is for a sick person for whom prayer is offered, it will be medical or nursing aid which will be sought ; and in this search guidance and an absence of undue trouble can be expected. Out of prayer wisdom and initiative in the employment of all available resources for the help of the suffering are gained. It is a mistake