A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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of doubt. This absolute certainty is characteristic of the intuitive kind of religion in all times and in all creeds.
Mystics of all ages insist with one voice that theirs was an immediate experience of God simply not to be argued about, doubted, or questioned. The particular mental image associated with the experience differs, of course, with the individual, but the absolute assurance and sense of immediate insight is never lost. No course of reasoning is ever able to bring about such a feeling of certainty.
1 Myself when young did eagerly frequent Doctor and Saint and heard great argument
About it and about : but evermore Came out by that same door wherein I went.
* Then of the Thee in Me who works behind The Veil, I lifted up my hands to find
A lamp amid the Darkness ; and I heard, As from Without " The Me Within Thee Blind ! " '
Omar Khayyam.
In this, as in Elijah's 'still small voice', if the Thee in Me is blind, then indeed there is no answer. But the mystics always insist that the Thee in Me is able at least dimly to see light ahead; and though they clothe the light in various forms, they agree in being absolutely certain that the light is there.
The intuitive religion in its calmer, more refined, more normal condition must not be confused with its extremes and its excrescences. There have, indeed, been many clearly pathological mystics. This must be frankly admitted ; and Leuba,138 and other investigators have done well in studying and analysing these extravagant and degenerate forms. But it is a mistake to use extreme cases as typical and to identify mysticism