A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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men of science that ' science, though on the way to truth, is always incomplete and not always true, and that in the present state of our intellectual development its ultimate basis, deeper even than experimental observation, is faith \ It is a practical as well as reasonable attitude, for the person with faith is ready to act upon his beliefs. It sets right physical disorders by producing the greatest possible integration of mind and resolving its conflicts and distresses, enabling it to understand itself and to see where it is diverging from its true line of development. It is ' the master key of mental healing ', comprising as it does, optimism, contentment, self-confidence, certainty, trust and other cheerful dispositions. Faith is the ideal of our spiritual attitude and is well described by the Epistle to the Hebrews as that which gives reality to ideals. In this sense we can understand what Paul meant when he said that any action not based on faith was sin (Rom. xiv, 23). From this we come to the conception first found in the Prophet Ha-bakkuk of old, and taken up in turn by Paul and Luther, that it is by faith that the righteous live. Nor should it be confused with acceptance of dogmas ; rather is it a quality of life, which, unless it is informed by love, is void. It is a discovery, a direction and a dynamic. Paul himself uses the word pisteuein as equivalent to, ' living a full Christian life \