A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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xi                      A SYNTHETIC PHILOSOPHY OF LIVING                  401
accurate, to the basic factors of the psychic life, the instincts. All psychological unfolding is a result of the instincts working against resistance, and life in its search for equilibrium is an attempt to diminish the resistance by creating a satisfactory solution as between reality and instinct demands. The Jungian psychology is creative ; it looks to destiny rather than to origin. The expression of the individual becomes most free when the racial unconscious, the symbolic representation of the vital impulse, becomes manifest and liberated through the free activity of human personality. In short, the Jungian psychology, while based upon an enormous collection of anthropological and cultural facts, is largely a philosophical system governed by aesthetic and ethical motives. It views the problem of neurosis in the light of the end-products of the human mind rather than that of its psycho-biological origins. Choice here rests to a large degree upon taste. People who start with an interest in culture, particularly in the religious and mystical manifestations of culture, cannot but be captivated by a psychology which gives them such liberal concessions, and does not make them take even a gilded pill with a bitter core. Whether the naked realities of the Freudian psychology are more objectionable than the glowing mysteries of Jung, must for a long time to come remain a matter of taste rather than of opinion, but for all those who feel that psychological medicine should be a branch of biology, the Freudian psychology will have the larger appeal. It will, too, commend itself on scientific grounds ; not because it is beyond comparison more scientific in its nomenclature, but because more of its concepts are explicable in terms of biology. There is, however, a certain charm, a literary flavour, in the works of Jung, an erudition which commands universal respect, and as long as there are people who