A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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history of philosophical speculation has found notable and sympathetic expression somewhere in the structure of the Christian religion.
In spite of all which is common to them, however, there are important distinctions between philosophy and religion. The one reaches its full expression in analysis and classification and interpretation. The other becomes a kindling experience filling the soul with inspiration and the life with enthusiasm. One comes to a climax in a clear light of thought, the other reaches its fruition in a blazing fire of passionate devotion. When religion touches philosophy it sets philosophical principles and sanctions on fire. And, like the burning bush, although they blaze in perpetual flame, they are not consumed. It is just at this point that the Christian religion most nobly includes and yet transfigures the whole circle of insights which philosophy has given to the world. Philosophy at its best gives a system of thought: Christianity turns the system into a consuming passion. The strategy of all this is seen most characteristically in the figure of the One Who is represented to have said, ' I am the way to the true life \ The very essence of His personality is to be found in the fact that in Him truth was alive. It attained a completely new power, possessing a wonderful moral contagion. It is characterized by a mighty spiritual inspiration. It releases the most amazing potencies and the most far-reaching and transforming energies. And in doing these things it both reveals and justifies its inherent quality. It is only in living contact with the Personality which is truth alive that we reach a place of certainty or of triumphant action. So we come to know the truth, and so the truth makes us free.
It is the genius of Christianity to form a synthesis in which elements in many views which have contended on