A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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dream of what he would do if he were free. It is the expression, not of greatness, but of a neurotic desire for greatness. ' The true expression of the free man's temper is the princely motto, Ich dien, " I am in the midst of you as he that serves." The worship of naked power is the ideal of an enslaved world which Historic Christianity has only partially succeeded in discrediting/ 222 Jesus showed that the true way to greatness was that of ministry. In this He was completely upsetting all preconceived ideas of greatness, and it was only after He had demonstrated it by the washing of the feet that His disciples understood what He meant. Such an attitude will bring real power, ' not', as Mairet says in his interpretation of Adler, ' that this feels like power; nor is it exercised with any relish of dominion. It feels like peace, for it is the true goal of the will . . .'I43 (p. 63). The whole conception has been summed up by Dr. Hocking98 in his epigram that ' the pursuit of power over, must become the pursuit of power for. At the limit, the exercise of power is indistinguishable from service; it consists in giving, or in adding to, the being of another.'
The tremendous significance of Jesus' personality forces us to acknowledge that love is one among many of the attributes of Ultimate Reality. This has been understood by few philosophers. But the more we learn to appreciate the sublime unity of conception of God, man and duty that underlies Jesus' outlook upon the world, the more we realize it as the constructive synthesis, the creative simplification, of a master mind. And, as Streeter puts it, if the test of intelligence is capacity to see the point, among those born of women Christ is not surpassed.
Countless noble men and women have offered themselves up for some cause in which they have believed,