A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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Synopsis of Chapter XII
Alike in art, in invention, in discovery and in healing the breath of inspiration blows where it lists and none knows whence it comes or whither it goes. Pnnzhorn prescribes the compound of the ideal psychotherapist. Freud's view is expressed in The Problem of the Lay Analyst. Any Freudian must be initiated in analysis. Individual Psychology requires simple training, fung has a scheme of initiation and his attitude is a challenge to ministers of religion. Even to-day the priest practising confession as the physician of the soul has countless opportunities in relieving the sense of guilt and in comforting the bereaved in l the Communion of Saints '.
As a physician and a religious pioneer in electrotherapy, John Wesley is distinguished both from those ministers of religion ivho, when interested in healing, give up their ministerial office, and also from those spiritual healers who overlook the training which he so arduously acquired. Men of his calibre are well fitted for the task.
In the healing process the therapist's behaviour is important and he should not be one-sided or prejudiced. Certain characteristics are necessary for the successful practice of analysis, hypnosis and suggestion.
Hie power of the ideal healer depends on identification with the patient and that ultimately springs from love.