A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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pretations of other subjects such as history and literature, and these would often desire to gain a better understanding of the science by being first analysed themselves. Again, there are those who in order to obtain the all-round increase in intellectual efficiency which so often follows an analysis and those who wish to become practitioners themselves. To undertake this range of analyses there would be necessary a number of ' instructor-analysts ', to whom medical knowledge would be of especially limited importance, yet for the benefit of their future work it would be necessary for them to have experience of dealing with neurotics. That the would-be analyst should first drink the medicine himself which he proposes to administer to others is made obligatory by the fact that it is one of the peculiarities of the ' analytical situation ' that it will not suffer the presence of a third party and there is, therefore, no other way of gaining practical experience.
Pedagogy can also find a use for non-medical analysts, since a properly trained teacher would be able to deal more efficiently with neurotic symptoms and tendencies. In this way, and by the training of social workers, a great deal of prophylactic work could be done which would make civilization much more bearable than it is to thousands of people.
On the principle that if we are told that the earth is supported by an elephant we immediately ask, By what is the elephant supported ? it might well be asked, Who psychoanalysed Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis ? The answer to this very pertinent question is that, in this case, the physician healed himself! Freud 63 says, ' The analysis of myself, the need of which soon became apparent to me, I carried out by the aid of a series of my own dreams which led me through the happenings of my childhood years. Even