A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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to-day I am of the opinion that in the case of a prolific dreamer and a person not too abnormal, this sort of analysis may be sufficient/
Actually, before a practitioner is recognized by the Freudian school, it is necessary that he should have undergone an analysis, the thoroughness of which can be estimated by the fact that he must attend for an hour six days a week for a period of some two years or more. The analyst whose services are made use of for this purpose must himself have been analysed by Freud, or by someone whom Freud has analysed, or by someone whose initiation into the mysteries has been handed down by a line of authorized intermediaries, a process which bears a resemblance to the doctrine of Apostolic succession ! Naturally, only the analyst is in a position to give an opinion when the patient is in a fit state of mind to begin practising on others.
The problem of lay analysis has been discussed at great length by the leading analysts in the International Journal of Psycho-Analysis, vol. viii, 1927, pp. 174-283. The discussion has been conducted mainly by medical psychoanalysts, the majority of whom were not in favour of Freud's attitude. Some would argue from the point of view of the inefficiency of the lay analysts to deal with the question of health ; while others take their stand simply by referring to the law of their respective countries which does not recognize the medical practice of a layman. Dr. Ernest Jones, in the leading part of the discussion, takes a view very much similar to that of Freud. He pays a great tribute to some lay analysts, who work according to what was then known as the ' conducting analysis', and is now called ' control analysis \ These lay analysts practise with patients sent to them by a medical psychoanalyst.
Individual psychology, being simpler, does not