A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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true needs are and to interpret more distinctly the half-understood urges which he finds pressing into his consciousness. Finally, the doctor of the soul can point him along the way to the place where he can find rest and peace in the harmonious direction of his impulses to an end which he knows to be worth while. ' It seems to me \ Jung adds, ' that, side by side with the decline in religious life, the neuroses grow more frequent. . . . Everywhere the mental state of the European man shows an alarming lack of balance. We are living undeniably in a period of the greatest restlessness, nervous tension, confusion and disorientation of outlook/
For many centuries the clergy have been ' guide, philosopher and friend ' to their parishioners, instructing them in what must be believed, counselling them how to behave and how to meet the great issues of life in such a way as to maintain their spiritual health. These functions they have come to regard as their sole prerogative. Thus it should appear inevitable that when the psychotherapist entered the same field, the two should find themselves side by side. And how happy will they be if ' Ephraim shall not envy Judah and Judah shall not vex Ephraim \ The clergyman has always been known as the ' physician of the soul \ The following quotation from Gregory of Nyssa shows what this phrase meant to members of the early Church : ( In as much as the aim of the medical profession in treating the body is single, the health of the patient; and the methods of treatment are many and various, so also, because the sufferings of the psychically diseased are varied the methods of treatment to eradicate them must also be varied. . . . Therefore it is the duty of the person who would give suitable treatment to the diseased part of the soul to examine the cause of the suffering before everything. Then he should give to the patient a suit-