A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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results that within two months he opened a similar one at Bristol. A year later he published Primitive Physic : or an Easy and Natural Method of Curing Most Diseases. In this book he showed a favourable leaning towards electrotherapy and actually became one of the first to practice it at Moorfields and the Seven Dials. Four years later he published The Desideratum or Electricity the second English work to be published on the subject signing himself ' A Lover of Mankind and of Common Sense \
Such, then, was John Wesley, a pioneer among ministers of religion in the treatment of psychic and even physical disorders. This side of his character could scarcely be better summed up than in the words used by Dr. Turrell: ' Clearly, we find revealed a man of conspicuous ability, of indomitable energy, of reckless and fearless impetuosity, of sincere and fixed convictions and of outstanding " benevolence to human kind ". But we must picture him also as an individualist, as a man rebellious to all authority. ... A man of this fearless character is needed to-day to stir from their complacent lethargy, and to remove from their self-interest and ignorant prejudices, those who preside over medical education and research. There are some men whose voices echoing through the past we still seem to hear, and whose past deeds and writings continue to influence the future/ 232
Some ministers in the various religious denominations, like John Wesley, begin to take an interest in the removal of mental and bodily illnesses and move to the full-time profession of medicine. These have been inflamed with so great a passion for health that it seems to them that they should devote their whole lives to that alone; and in addition, when they become desirous of the healing practice they are obliged to leave their