A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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psychological treatment. A primary interest in theories and symptoms may produce an excellent diagnostician who may be less successful in treatment, for psychological treatment is, and probably always will be, much more of an art than a science. No amount of study and training will necessarily make a man a successful psychotherapist.
An ideal to be achieved in the practice of psychotherapy is that practitioners should carry on successfully, efficiently, and in a soul-satisfying fashion, guided largely by love of their vocation, and an intuitive understanding of human nature.
The neurotic's will to power, according to Stekel, is will to be loved. The patient endeavours in every possible way to induce his physician to love him. ' He even goes so far as to lead the way by proffering love/ writes Stekel, ' and does not disdain to beg for love in return. He at first yields to the sway of his will to subjection and falls in love with the physician, who, in the course of this emotional transference, is made to play all sorts of roles. ...
' He who heals their troubles must be capable of giving the patients the supreme medicament for which they are yearning i.e. love. The transference of that love from the sexual to the erotic realm, and its transportation into the ethical standards, often requires the highest skill on the part of the physician, who may easily succumb to counter-affection/
' I once cherished the illusion of remaining the patients' friend/ he writes, ' to guide them after the treatment, to see them from time to time and direct them on their proper path. To-day I know that it is best for those who are healed and for those who are on the way of being healed to bid a final farewell to the physician ; and I also know that sometimes it is best to bring about