A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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the parting abruptly, even at the cost of one's personal feelings. The abrupt ending of relations between doctor and patient is an excellent means of rousing the patient's feelings of spite.'
The adoption of such an attitude may be necessary in some cases, but in others it is advisable to preserve some contact after treatment.
A further requirement for the psychotherapist, is a comprehensive general culture, particularly an extensive knowledge of literature. It is very useful to ask patients what books have made the greatest impression upon them who their favourite authors are. The answer may give a picture of the patient's mental state.
Stekel repeatedly says : ' It is not the method but the physician who heals '.2IS The psychoanalyst says that the results of a complete analysis are the same, whoever the analyst may be ; but it is more than doubtful whether that is so.
It is the function of a successful psychotherapist to be able to evoke complete sincerity on the part of the patient, and to call out his respect for ultimate values and to clear the way for the development of a life that is truly spiritual.
Such a healer cannot learn entirely by academic methods ; his art can be acquired only by experience, practice and, above all, by a profound insight into human nature. He who heals by means of his own and the patient's faith does so because he is able to call forth the subject's power of integration. He reaps the harvest of this gift not by telling the patient that he must have faith but by bringing to bloom something which is already there.
Probably this has only been demonstrated in its completeness in the life of one Man, but if it should occur again at any particular moment, by a happy