A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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Abreaction, the process of working off a pent-up emotion by living
through it again in feeling or action. Acromegaly, enlargement of the bones and the soft parts of the hands,
feet, and face, accompanied by sluggish mentality. Due to enlargement of the pituitary gland. Addison's disease, a disease of the suprarenal glands, the principal
symptoms of which are bronze pigmentation of the skin, anaemia,
weakness. Adrenals, endocrine glands situated above the kidneys. Affect, the sum of reactions arising in connection with an emotion. Ambivalence, the simultaneous existence of opposed feelings, e.g. love
and hate, towards the same person. Amnesia, loss of memory for experiences and events of a circumscribed period of time. Anaesthesia, absence of sensory feeling. Anima, the inner attitude, character, or personality that is turned
towards the unconscious ; the unconscious feminine element in
the male. Animus, similar to anima except that it is the masculine element in
the female. Anxiety hysteria, a psychoneurosis presenting the cardinal features of
anxiety neurosis and conversion hysteria. Anxiety neurosis, & neurosis characterized by anxious apprehension ;
morbid and objectively founded dread. Aphonia, loss of voice, often hysterical. Ashre, Hebrew word used in the Beatitudes translated * blessed ' or
* happy ', but also implying * ideal \ Association, the process of recall by which past experiences are brought
back to consciousness because of something present in the mind. Asthenic type, a physical type described by Kretschmer as slender, flat
in front, long-chested, with poor muscular development. Athletic type, a physical type described by Kretschmer as having broad
shoulders, deep chest, flat abdomen, thick neck, and well-developed
muscles. Aura, a subjective sensation, such as may precede the beginning of
an epileptic seizure. Autism, the state of introversion. A mental state characterized by a