A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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tendency to turn away from the outside world, to become self-centred.
Autoeroticism, self-gratification of the sex urge.
Automatic writing, writing when attention is displaced from the motor to the psychic centres ; characterized by more or less dissociation.
Autonomic, pertaining to the functions of the body not under volitional control.
Autosuggestion, the technique by which an individual directs his unconscious mind according to the ideas and decisions he has consciously chosen. The arousal of an emotional tone in the self in agreement with intellectual conclusions, thus ending conflict between thought and feeling.
Basal metabolism, the minimal heat produced by an individual, measured eighteen hours after eating and when resting.
Behaviourism, a psychological theory which holds that correct psychological conclusions must rest upon objective study and interpretation of behaviour.
Besorah, a Hebrew word meaning to announce good news ; applied as an evangelical gift.
Biceps-brachial, certain muscles of the arms.
Bisexuality, the condition of being equally attracted by both sexes.
Catharsis, psychic purging by means of verbal expression.
Cathexis, a charge of mental or emotional energy investing an idea
or object. Censor, the sum of repressing forces. Charisma, a psychic gift. Chorea (St. Vitus' dance), a functional nervous disorder usually
occurring in youth, characterized by involuntary muscular
movements. Chromosomes, a subdivision of the nucleus of a germ cell. Coitus interruptus, coitus terminated by withdrawal before the act is
completed. Compensation, the exaggeration of approved character traits as a
defence against opposed unconscious wishes. Complex, a group of emotionally toned ideas partially or entirely
repressed. Concentration, a state of autohypnosis and of persistent contention
with one idea, the autohypnosis having been induced by the
lulling influence of the idea on the mind. (Baudouin.) Condensation, unconscious fusion of ideas.