A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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Conditioned reflex, a physiological response to a nonspecific stimulus resulting from training or experience.
Contention, a psychological equivalent of attention, minus effort. (Baudouin.)
Conversion hysteria, the expression of a repressed complex by physical manifestations.
Corpus luteum, the yellow body formed in the ovary after the escape of the ovum.
Cortin, the hormone of the adrenal cortex.
Cretinism, feeble-mindedness associated with bodily malformation due to thyroid deficiency.
Cyclothymia, manic-depressive psychosis ; recurring cycles of exhilaration and depression.
Cytoplasm, cell-protoplasm.
Defence reaction, self-protective behaviour ; conduct tending to guard some aspect of life from scrutiny by others ; preventing unacceptable subconscious data gaining access to the ego.
Dementia praecox, a psychosis, characterized by introversion, repressed affect.
Diakrisis pneumaton {discriminatio spirituum), a charismatic gift of discerning spirits, and believed to be possessed by the exorcist as a form of second sighta psycho-diagnostic power.
Displacement, the mechanism by which an emotion appropriate to one group of ideas becomes attached to another group.
Dissociation, a disorder of the mental systems in which one or several groups of ideas become split off from the main body of the personality and are not accessible to consciousness.
Dual personality, a condition of dissociation in which the patient leads two lives, alternatively ; double personality.
Duct, a tube or channel, especially one for conveying the secretions of the glands.
Dynamis, Greek for power (psychic) : mighty works (miracles).
Dysuria, painful or difficult urination.
Electra complex, the suppressed sex desire of a daughter for her father accompanied by hostility towards the mother.
Endocrine, pertaining to the ductless glands whose secretions directly enter the blood or lymph.
Epigastric region, the upper and middle part of the abdominal surface corresponding to the position of the stomach.
Epilepsy, recurring brief seizures accompanied by loss of consciousness. The seizures may be slight or severe.
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