A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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visceral and other diseases ; sometimes involves hysterical imitation of disease. Hysteria, a psychoneurotic disorder manifesting itself in protean forms, ranging from episodic outbreaks down through anxiety and conversion hysteria to states of partial and complete dissociation.
Id, the true unconscious. Dominated by the pleasure principle and impulsive wishing.
Identical twins, twins resulting from a single fertilized ovum ; always of the same sex.
Identification, an unconscious psychic technique of identifying oneself with another.
Imago, an idealistic memory, often erroneous, of a beloved person formed in childhood and remaining in after-life.
Impotence, lack of power, more commonly referring to lack of sexual virility.
Incubation, the practice of sleeping in temples in expectation of a vision of the patron saint, e.g. Asklepios.
Inferiority complex, feeling of inadequacy and inferiority.
Inhibition, restraint of a function or impulse by an opposing force, Emotional suppression.
Insight, normal orientation ; logical interpretation of reality situations.
Introversion, withdrawal of interest from the external world to the internal world of self.
Islands of Langerhans, little cellular masses in the interstitial connective tissue of the pancreas.
Latent content, the hidden portion of a dream or thought which can
be discovered by means of ' free association ' or other technique. Lethargic encephalitis, ' sleeping sickness ' ; an epidemic disease
involving the central nervous system, of which lethargy is an
early symptom. Libido, appetite-craving for satisfaction. The dynamic energy of the
sexual instinct or the energy derived from that instinct.
Manic-depressive psychosis, a well-known psychosis characterized by periods of excitement with over-activity, and depression with psychomotor retardation.
Masculine protest, Adler's term designating the concept of feminine inferiority and connoting the compensatory struggle to overcome such feeling of inferiority.
Masochism, a perversion characterized by sexual excitement accompanied by the wish to be physically subdued or tortured.