A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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Medulla oblongata, the upper enlarged part of the spinal cord, and base of the brain.
Melancholia, a mental disease of middle life exhibiting depression, anxiety and restlessness, with self-accusatory ideas; usually termed involution melancholia to distinguish it from the depression phases of manic-depressive psychosis.
Menorrhagia, an excessive menstrual flow.
Metabolism, the process of nutrition, consisting of absorption of food by body cells and excretion of waste products, together with the production and regulation of heat.
Morphology, the division of biology which deals with the form and characteristics of bodies.
Myxoedema, a disorder associated with atrophy or degeneration of the thyroid gland.
Narcissism, love of self; an early stage of psychosexual development. Self-adoration as inhibiting heterosexual development.
Neurasthenia, a psychoneurosis characterized by feelings of inadequacy and exhaustion.
Neurosis, a functional nervous disease or disorder, i.e. one without organic basis.
Obsession, the compulsive urge to think some thought or perform some
unnecessary act. Oedipus complex, the suppressed sex desire of a son for his mother,
accompanied by hostility towards his father. Orthopsychiatry, the study of disorders of conduct, especially of young
Paranoia, a psychosis marked by systematized delusions and
hallucinations. Paresis, weakness of a muscle or a group of muscles. Patellar reflex, the knee jerk. Persona, a mask; the personality which the individual presents to
the world, contrasted with the anima and animus. (Jung.) Phobia, a fixed morbid fear. Pineal body, the pineal gland, about the size of a pea, located near the
brain. Pistis, Greek word meaning faith ; used here as a charismatic gift. Pleasure principle, the automatic regulation or aspect of mental
activity whose purpose is to avoid pain or to procure pleasure. Preconscious, not present in consciousness at a given moment but
recalled more or less readily when wanted. Prophylactic, tending to prevent or ward off disease.