A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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Super-ego, the part of mentality which criticizes the ego and causes
pain whenever it tends to accept impulses emanating from the
Id ; an unconscious conscience. Suppression, conscious activity of inhibition as contrasted with
repression which is an unconscious process. Symbol, that which stands in the place of, or represents something
else. Syndrome, a group of clinical signs or symptoms which frequently
occur together. The group signs of any morbid state.
Tachycardia, excessive rapidity of heart action.
Thalamus, a mass of grey matter, the largest division of the inter-brain.
Thymus, a ductless gland situated in the midneck and thorax. Gradually atrophies from the second to the twelfth year.
Thyroid, a ductless gland sitting astride the windpipe.
Tic, an intermittent spasmodic jerky movement, a neurotic habit spasm.
Tic douloureux, a severe form of neuralgia affecting one or more branches of the trigeminal nerve.
Trance, a dissociation "of consciousness characterized by suspension of voluntary movements and automatic thinking. Applied to states of hysteria, hypnotism, and mediumship.
Transference, a displacement of any affect from one idea to another. Unconscious misidentification of external objects, usually persons, so that the patient may feel and behave toward them in a way which satisfies the experiences and impressions which pertain to another person or object.
Transference neurosis, hysteria and compulsion neuroses.
Transference situation, the Freudian concept of the emotional situation which develops between patient and analyst, wherein the patient transfers either affection or hostility to the physician.
Trauma, injury ; mental or bodily.
Unconscious, a postulated psychic state ; the repository of repressed conceptsimpulses, urges, and wisheswhich are regarded as being energized.
Vegetative nervous system, a system of ganglia and nerves supplying the unstripped muscles and secretory glands controlling numerous visceral functions. The sympathetic nervous system.
Zones, erotogenic, sensitive areas of the body, as lips, breasts, genito-anal region, etc., stimulation of which gives rise to erotic sensations.