The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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Benefits of Reading Fine Print         195
Seven Truths of Normal Sight
1.  Normal Sight can always be demonstrated in the nor mal eye, but only under favorable conditions.
2.  Central Fixation: The letter or part of the letter re garded is always seen best.
3.  Shifting: The point regarded changes rapidly and continuously.
4.  Swinging: When the shifting is slow, the letters ap , pear to move from side to side, or in other directions with a pendulum-like motion.
6. Memory is perfect. The color and background of the letters or other objects seen, are remembered per -fectly, instantaneously and continuously.
6.  Imagination is good One may even see the white part of letters whiter than it really is, while the black is not altered by distance, illumination, size, or form, of the letters.
7.  Rest or relaxation of the eye and mind is perfect and can always be demonstrated.
When one of these seven fundamentals is perfect, all are perfect.
Fig. 49. Specimen of Diamond Type
Many patients have been greatly benefited by reading type of this size.
Fig. 50. Photographic Type Reduction
Patients who can read photographic type reductions are in stantly relieved of pain and discomfort when they do so, and those who cannot read such type may be benefited simply by looking at it.