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A Primer Of Semantics

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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS                            15
Behavior; The Open Self; The Saturday Review: Norman Cousins, "Clean Bombs and Dirty Wars"; Tudor Publishing Company: Albert Einstein, "Autobiographical Notes" Albert Einstein: Philosopher-Scientist; The University of Chicago Press: Mortimer J. Adler, "The Philosopher," The Works of the Mind; Rudolf Carnap, Meaning and Necessity; Yale University Press: Gordon W. Allport, Becoming.
I am grateful to Miss Florence Leeper for her willingness to type and to retype, always speedily and accurately and with participation in the adventure; to my daughter Sh'Ann for her clair voyant criticism, but even more especially for her imaginative collaborationwith her daughters Jillian, Pamela, and Wendyin creative sign behavior; and to Hermie who made me a guest in our home that this book could come into being.
I am grateful to Mr. William Targ for his willingness to let me become a member of the respected family of The World Publishing Company. And I am most deeply grateful to my editor, Mr. David N. Keightley.
Bess Sondel November j, 1957*