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30                    THE HUMANITY OF WORDS
that they are designed to effect the accomplishment of purpose within a process situation. There is no strict demarcation of a boundary between the participants in a communication process. All participants are part of the field. And the process mayindeed doeschange continuously as a result of varying currents.
Our semantic devices will be appropriate to a communication process, no part of which can be evaluated apart from the situation-as-a-whole.
Our semantic devices will be appropriate, in other words, to a field theory of communication.
<?. Relatedness and "the electromagnetic field''
of physics
The term "relativity/* as introduced by Einstein and others, has made even the laymen aware of the fundamental nature of relations in the physical world. With field physics, relatedness became the basic law of all of nature.
F. S. C. Northrop differentiates between particle physics and field physics in his Logic of the Sciences and the Humanities. The important point, he says, is the shift in emphasis "from particle to field physics" which "completely reverses the status of relatedness and particles." (page 228) In particle physics, particles are considered to be the primary reality in all of nature; relatedness between particles, secondary. In field physics, relatedness is considered to be the primary reality; particles, secondary. In other words, it is the relationship between particles, rather than the particles themselves, which is the primary reality.
Without relatedness, there is no communication.
The semantic devices which this book recommends will be