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known observations and experiments in a given era. Thus science has an international base that admits of no artificial boundaries. But the enterprise of the Open Society of Open Selves has an even broader perspective than that of the community of scientists. The goal of the Open Society of Open Selves should engage the whole manhis system of beliefs as well as the impersonal body of knowledge. That ideal is approachable only if we accept the basic assumptions of process and uniqueness and relatedness and order.
Words are used most efficiently by an outgoing flexible self open-endthat is receptive to change.
Words are used most efficiently by an open self that adapts continuously, and favorably, to the process world in the interest of a predetermined goal.
11. Semantic devices enable us to move from ideas
Another aspect of the self that must be considered before we begin our study of semantics is the advance from one idea to anotherand the circular relationship between ideas and ideals.
Morris defines an idea as something than can be signified. To say this differently, an idea is something that can be put into signsinto words. The history of civilization is, of course, the history of the march of ideas. How do new ideas come into being?
Morris says all of us can and do advance new ideas. Try new combinations of what is already available, he prescribes. **Become chemists," he says, "in experimenting with sign compounds." (page 70)