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The Subjective Mind incapable of Inductive Reasoning. Its Processes always Deductive or Syllogistic. Its Premises the Result of Suggestion. Illustrations by Hypnotism. Hypnotic Interview with Socrates. Reasons from an Assumed Major Premise. Interview with a Philosophic Pig. The Pig affirms the Doctrine of Reincarnation. Dogmatism of Subjective Intelligence. Incapable of Controversial Argument. Persistency in following a Suggested Line of Thought.
O NE of the most important distinctions between the objective and subjective minds pertains to the function of reason. That there is a radical difference in their powers and methods of reasoning is a fact which has not been noted by any psychologist who has written on the subject. It is, nevertheless, a proposition which will be readily conceded to be essentially true by every observer when his' attention is once called to it. The propositions may be briefly stated as follows :
i. The objective mind is capable of reasoning by all methods, inductive and deductive, analytic and synthetic.
2. The subjective mind is incapable of inductive reasoning.
Let it here be understood that this proposition refers to the powers and functions of the purely subjective mind, as exhibited in the mental operations of persons in a state of profound hypnotism, or trance. The prodigious intellectual feats of persons in that condition have been a source of amazement in all the ages; but the striking peculiarity noted above appears to have been !ost sight of in admiration of