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i. He inspired the father with faith, because he was in telepathic rapport with his daughter.
2.   He prohibited the multitude of unbelievers from approaching the house, knowing the adverse influence of an atmosphere of incredulity and doubt.
3.   He took three of his most powerful apostles with him, for the purpose of surrounding the patient with an atmosphere of faith and courage.
4.   He excluded the weeping friends and relatives from the sick room, for the same reason that he prevented the multitude from following him.
5.   He assured them that the damsel was not dead, for the purpose of inspiring them with faith and hope in her recovery, and thus adding another favorable element to the mental environment.
6.   By the same words of assurance that the damsel was not dead he conveyed to her subjective mind the most powerful suggestion possible, indeed, the only suggestion applicable to the exigencies of the case.
7.   Having thus secured the best possible conditions, he took the damsel by the hand, and, by an energetic command, restored her to life.
The sceptic will doubtless interpose the objection that the damsel could not have been dead, but that it was merely a case of suspended animation. To this the reply is, first, that it is claimed by the Eastern adepts that as long as the vital organs of the body are perfect, it is always possible to compel the soul to return to its habitation. It is certain that there are many apparently well-authenticated instances of the performance of the feat even in the Western hemisphere. The second and most pertinent reply is that the evidential value of the case is just as great, supposing it to have been a case of suspended animation. The point is that Jesus could not have taken the course he did if he had not been in full possession of the knowledge of the laws pertaining to mental therapeutics. This one case is demonstrative, first, that he perfectly understood the laws of telepathy; and secondly, that he fully understood the law of suggestion.