A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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appropriate adaptation to its surroundings by the glands of the body. From the point of view of psychology, the most interesting glandular activities are those in which a secretion has a regulating effect on bodily processes such as metabolism and growth.
The Approximate Locations of the Principal Endocrine Glands
It is uncertain whether the Pineal Body or Thymus are endocrine glands. The liver (perhaps a gland of internal secretion) and the stomach (which secretes gastrin into the blood) are not shown.
The glandular and nervous systems are, however, closely interrelated. Glands may be activated by a neural discharge through the proper channels. In some cases both chemical and neural connections control the same process, their effects being supplementary. On the other hand, some glandular secretions and other chemical substances in the body may have an important influence on the nervous system, either in regulating specific functions or in determining the general efficiency of neural action.
Most glands discharge their secretions into body cavities, where they perform a limited function. Another type of glandular action, often more general in its effects, occurs when a secretion is absorbed by the blood