A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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rhythm of His nature moves, and the power which is spent in service is renewed in isolation. He is able to bear the crosses of others because He bears His own.
A person came, and lived and loved, and did and taught, so unspeakably rich and yet so simple, so sublime and yet so homely, so divinely above us precisely in being so divinely near that His character and teaching require the study of all the individual and corporate, the simultaneous and successive experiences of the human race. And in this we find an insight so unique, a personality so strong and supreme, as to teach us, once for all, the true attitude towards suffering. Not one of the philosophies or systems before Jesus had effectually escaped falling either into pessimism, seeing the end of life as trouble and weariness, and seeking to escape from it into some aloofness or some Nirvana; or into optimism, ignoring or explaining away that suffering and trial which, as our first experience and as our last, surrounded us on every side. But with Him there is union of sense of all the mysteries of human sadness, suffering and sin ; and in spite of this and through this, a note of conquest and triumphant joy. There is no Teacher before Him or since who does not require that some allowance should be made for his character and doctrine, for certain inevitable reactions, and consequent narrownesses and contrarinesses. Especially is this true of religious teachers and reformers, and generally in exact proportion to the intensity of their fervour. But in Him there is no reaction, no negation, no fierceness, of a kind to deflect His teaching from its immanent, self-consistent trend. His very apostles can ask Him to call down fire from Heaven upon the unbelieving Samaritans ; they can use the sword against one of those come out to apprehend Him ; and they can attempt to keep the little ones from Him. But He rebukes them ; He