A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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Psychasthenia, a clinical syndrome characterized by feelings of doubt and unreality, embracing the states of phobia, inadequacy, compulsion, inhibition and mild depression.
Psyche, the mental system, commonly called the mind.
Psychopath, one afflicted with a constitutional nervous disorder.
Psychosis, insanity.
Pyknic type, a type of physical make-up described by Kretschmer having large chest, rounded body, broad head, thick shoulders, short neck.
Quelle, the German word denoting source or spring used to denote the collections of the sayings ascribed to Jesus and usually referred to as Q.
Rapport, relations which are characterized by harmony, conformity, and accord. Confidence of the patient in the analyst.
Rationalization, a plausible explanation invented to account for belief or behaviour motivated from unconscious sources.
Reality principle, fact-facing versus fantasy. Reality recognized in contrast with self-gratification.
Recueillement, state of receptivity. (Baudouin.)
Reflex, the action of a muscle in response to a stimulus, independent of volition.
Regression, reversion of mental life, in some respects, to that characteristic of an earlier stage of development, often an infantile one.
Repression, the unconscious rejection of perceptions and ideas because of their painful or disagreeable content.
Resistance, the instinctive opposition displayed towards any attempt to lay bare the unconscious ; manifestations of the repressing forces.
Sadism, sexual perversion in which pleasure is derived by inflicting
pain upon the sexual consort. Schizoid, resembling or pertaining to schizophrenia. Schizophrenia, dementia praecox. Spasticity, marked hypertonus of muscles producing stiff, awkward
movements. Subconscious, capable of being brought into consciousness by an effort
of memory or by association of ideas. Sublimation, the process of deflecting the energy of unacceptable or
unobtainable wishes from lower to higher levels of expression. Suggestibility, the acceptance of ideas or beliefs without rational