Old Hymns YouTube Project


Sadly BIG MUSIC i.e. the major music companies are doing their best to ignore, sideline or smother non profitable traditional music.
This has affected me personally as the local church which I attend is increasing playing only modern hymns, many of which I find devoid of any memorable tune, almost un-singable and lacking in inspirational content. This channel has become my personal fix of "good old hymns" and I hope, also to make them available for others who also have a taste for old hymns

Most of the lyrics and tunes are public domain, my music performance of the tune mentioned (sound recording) is copyright© Rod Smith, all rights reserved, but permission is granted for non-commercial, worship and education purposes. No charge is made for this but you may donate if you wish at: https://www.paypal.me/RodneyHSmith I can email you audio files if needed but not videos as they are too big. Rod


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