Ongoing Music Projects

Digitisation and making available on-line the complete contents of the book "Sacred Songs & Solos, New Hymns & Solos and The Christian Choir" compiled by Ira D Sankey.

This is an major on-going project, which will eventually make the whole collection of more than 1100 pieces available on-line. It will be a while before you see everything, as it involves scanning and OCRing an c1880 English copy of Sankey's book. The printing quality of the book I am using is not the best, so it's slow going, and like most OCR don't be surprised to see a few errors. I expect it to have it all finished in Q4 of 2006.

I am not attempting to OCR the music scores themselves, they will be presented as BW graphics - the graphics used are 200dpi non-dithered. They don't look that great on-screen but you should find they look better as print outs. This collection contains many fine old hymns that are still familiar to us today as they were to Christians in America, England & the English colonies a century ago. Bluegrass enthusiasts may be interested to see the source for some of their favourites and see them in their original form. Below, I have included some samples so you can see what will be coming, plus a list of titles & first lines of the pieces. Note that where titles begin with "The" or "A" will mostly have this left out for more sensible indexing.

Lyrics & Chords Song Book
Done !

Since starting my Traditional Music site nearly 6 years ago, I have had endless requests for various folk and traditional songs. In response to this I am currently compiling a new book of folk and traditional songs with just lyrics with chords marked. It is expected to contain 1000 plus songs and should be ready around.


Music Projects