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The purpose of this page will be to recommend various products, services & suppliers that I personally have found to be good. I'm still compiling the list and will add things here from time to time.

If you are interested in computing you might like to check out some of my recommendations on the support page of my Traditional Music site, you can see it here I have also prepared a guide for safe on-line buying here.

Comments & suggestions welcome

Disclaimer, although I had good experiences with the items mentioned here, it does not necessarily mean you will, also bear in mind company ownership/policy etc can change so please make your own checks. Rememember, these are only my personal opinions you may find different.


Mobile phone Batteries They give a proper address and phone number, reasonable prices very fast service.

Digital Cameras: Address, proper phone number, phone ordering, 2 YEAR guarantee reasonable prices.

Inkjet cartridges: some of the best prices around and a very wide range of products. Have proper address and phone ordering (free 0800 phone number.)

Scan Computers I have found these people very good, low prices, excellent service and a really huge range of computers and bits.


Cameras: Fuji Finpix E550 6 Mpx, not the very latest, but I reckon a really good all round camera, small enough for a belt pouch but good enough for pretty much any none specialized job. (Note, the E550 can run on alkaline AA size batteries which can be very handy if for some reason charging is awkward.) Olympus C 8080WZ, 8 Mpx, tons of features for the money, very good on battery life. Capable of professional quality results.

Computer bits: Proper address & phone, phone ordering reasonable prices, fast service, wide product range, trade account available if you are VAT registered.

Car insurance & breakdown cover: Tesco have consistently offered me lower quotes than any one else. extra 10% discount if you register on-line.

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